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Sewn Otabind®


Sewn Otabind, invented by Hexspoor, is a binding technique that produces optimal flatness. It is ideal for a book with a large number of spreads, because the pages remain flat when the book is open.


Hexspoor glues the cover to the first and last pages of the book block, but leaves a small space along the spine. This creates a gap, so that the book block “floats” away from the cover. This technique, when combined with a pliable cold-setting glue for the adhesive on the spine, produces very good flatness.

We also use hot-melt and cold-setting glue along the side to give extra strength to the book.



  • Very good flatness
  • The cover on the spine remains free of creases, even when the book is open.
  • Very durable


  • When smooth kinds of paper and printing are used right up to the spine, there is a tiny chance that glue will seep through between the sections and into the holes of the stitching.
  • The Otabind technique makes two scores on the front and on the back of the book, which we call the “cart track”. To hide the scoring, Binderij Hexspoor has designed Otastar.

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