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Japanese binding


Japanese binding is an adhesive binding technique in which all the pages are glued into the spine. The front is closed by a fold, i.e. it is not trimmed. Accordingly, pages 1 and 4 run into each other, divided by a fold.  Pages 2 and 3 are not visible, as they are on the insides of pages 1 and 4. This technique creates “double pages”. 



  • It offers many creative options, such as the use of one-sided paper, playing with (opacity) transparency) or tear perforations. 


  • The front of the book is not trimmed, producing slight variations in the pages’ heights.
  • Hexspoor uses two binding operations to minimise the variations, which makes this technique slightly more expensive.
  • If the cover does not have any flaps, the cover of the book will protrude slightly from the front, because the pages are not trimmed. 

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