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Rijksmuseum in detail Perfect bind PUR

Everywhere in the Rijksmuseum, large information boards display the highlights
from the collection. These 'zoom-ins' are meant to help visitors learn more and
see more. The selected works are literally put under the microscope, from the
Night Watch and Temple Guardians to the now famous Marten Soolmans and Oopjen

Because many visitors asked if these 'zoom-ins' are for sale, the
Rijksmuseum has decided to compile them into a beautiful publication, designed
by Irma Boom with drawings by Jan Rothuizen. To preserve the A3 format of the
'zoom-ins', Boom came up with a book that featured fold-out spreads.

end result emphasises the idea of investigating and learning more. The print
work was completed by LenoirSchuring from Amsterdam, the same company that
produced the 'zoom-ins'. Hexspoor was responsible for the binding. A book made
up of only fold-outs presented a challenge for the spine of the book, as it was
thinner by half. Hexspoor was able to provide a simple yet effective


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