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'Book for Mo ' is a graphic novel in which Pjotr Müller talks about his life and work as an artist. With wonderful drawings he looks back on his youth, the family in which he grew up, his positioning as a sculptor compared to its great examples and his body of work from the past 50 years. His sculptures are represented as pictures, placed in a fictional comic architectural environment. Along with comic book artist Tonio van Vugt he developed a story line, for which the last wrote the lyrics. In this way a moving image story was born, which originally began as a personal story to his young son, but that finished to become a complete book for a wide audience so an intimate glimpse in the life and thought of a sculptor.

'Book for Mo ' is published by Lecturis and designed by designfirm Saiid & Smale, that managed a nice balance between an art book and a graphic novel. The book has a cover with two flaps, inspired by a save box. If you open the flaps of the book the book block is presented as an object for you. The paper for the cover and the inside is velvet 300 and 150 grams (of Igepa group), with a bulk of 1.5 feels like a beautiful, firm drawing-paper. The printing by Graphius equals the original drawings. The binding was a challenge. Most books softcover have a clean cut on one side. But in this case it was different because the cover has two spines. Manually bind would be too costly, allowing Bindery Hexspoor suggested only the right flap to fold the book manually. So it could be produces for 99% on the bindingmachines.


Graphic novel of a sculptor


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