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Hexspoor is an international bindery that manufactures sewn and perfect bindings for softcover productions such as: photograph collections, art books, cookery books, product catalogues, diaries, books on architecture, etc. Bookbinding is embedded in our genes. After all, we have been bookbinders for three generations and have over seventy years of experience. Binderij Hexspoor has acquired a global reputation for our use of the Otabind® binding technique which guarantees optimal flatness.


Smart & efficient production


We focus on innovation in our search for smart and efficient production methods. Hexspoor achieves more efficiency from our machinery and dares to push back the frontiers of the (im)possibe to invent creative solutions. This is expressed in the way we bind books with unusual folding-methods and foldouts.

Binding in only one run
Hexspoor may recommend binding books with 18, 20 and even 30 or 36 pages per section to cut back the printingsheets. Another example of efficiency is binding with a single run, by binding books with a flap that is equal with the front. This has two advantages: it is cheaper than the usual method that requires two binding-runs and the quality is better. Accordingly, the machine aligns the trimmed edge at the front very well with the foldof the flap. The flap is scored after the first book is bound and trimflushed.

Double production 
If you wish to produce a larger number of copies of a production (15,000 copies or more), the final size of which is small, it could be worth your while to produce two books in one binding-run. This is yet another example of smart efficiency and can be achieved by using either the coming/going production method or the two-up method. Both have cost-effective advantages.

The coming/going method
If you use the coming/going method, two books are made together as a single book. That book is halved later in the process. For this technique, the first section is used as the last section, the second as the penultimate section, etc., which cuts costs in the binding process without raising the costs of the printing process. However, the coming/going method is only suitable if the book has a symmetrical structure. If that is not the case, the two-up method will still enable you to produce two books in one binding operation. 

The two-up method
This method entails placing two identical pages one above the other so you can still cut costs on the binding process. When we recommend this method, we always take the costs of printing into account. Because the number of formes required for printing the pages is doubled, it raises the costs. So it costs more. In practice, the sum of those two prices will reveal whether this method saves on the costs.


Hardcover binding


As well as softcovers, Hexspoor offers a solution, in the Netherlands and England, for the shortage of binding capacity for standard hardcovers if the number of copies printed is 10,000 copies or more.

Hardcover binding through Hexspoor’s agency
Hexspoor can supply the binding of the entire hardcover. To provide this service, we have a partnership with a leading bindery in Belgium. Of course, we coordinate the entire procedure and remain the sole point of contact, ensuring good communication and a large capacity for solving problems, just as you may expect from us. 

Additional advantages include the efficient options Hexspoor can offer that other hardcover binderies cannot. These options include the double production of book blocks, PUR adhesive binding and the special folding methods for sections of 18, 20, 30 etc. 

In contrast to our softcovers, for which we, together with you, continue to push back the frontiers, Hexspoor only wants to supply capacity and efficient solutions for hardcovers. If you are looking for special hardcovers, we would be happy to refer you to our specialist colleagues in the Netherlands.


Our team

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Kor van Tatenhove | Hexspoor E-fulfilment
Kor van Tatenhove
...because a good book is like your best friend.
Patrick Bakermans | Hexspoor E-fulfilment
Patrick Bakermans
Together making beautiful books.
Frank Smolenaers | Hexspoor E-fulfilment
Frank Smolenaers
Binding your books, that’s my business.
Martien Meijs | Hexspoor E-fulfilment
Martien Meijs
I like a challenge, especially Japanese (folding).
Rob Pranjoto | Hexspoor E-fulfilment
Rob Pranjoto
Reading is important, creating books is my small contribution to society.
Hans van Overbeek | Hexspoor E-fulfilment
Hans van Overbeek
Reading a ' real ' good book without e-reader.
Wim Schellen | Hexspoor E-fulfilment
Wim Schellen
Paper is in my DNA
Peter Hoenselaars | Hexspoor E-fulfilment
Peter Hoenselaars
For more than 35 years, the (heavy)strength of the bindery.
Gert Jan van Houtum | Hexspoor E-fulfilment
Gert Jan van Houtum
When the precutting of the sheets is done, finishing is great fun.

Fulfilment & logistics

The service centre of our sister company Hexspoor E-fulfilment supplies a number of support operations such as:

  • Storage and shipping of your corporate-identity printing work.
  • Wrapping dustjackets around books. 
  • Sealing of books.
  • Adding ribbon-markers or banderoles to books.

If you would like know more about these services,

please get in touch with Susanne Bolck +31 411 652 122

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