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Hexspoor is an international bindery that manufactures sewn and perfect bindings for softcover productions such as: photograph collections, art books, cookery books, product catalogues, diaries, books on architecture, etc. Bookbinding is embedded in our genes. After all, we have been bookbinders for three generations and have over seventy years of experience. Binderij Hexspoor has acquired a global reputation for our use of the Otabind® binding technique which guarantees optimal flatness.

Efficiency through creativeness 
Innovation has a central place in our family business, in terms of aura, creativeness and enjoying books. But the same can be said for our smart and efficient production methods. Hexspoor achieves more efficiency from our machinery and dares to push back the frontiers of the (im)possibe to invent creative solutions. This is expressed in the way we bind books with unusual creases and foldouts, how we bind double productions and how we cut binding costs by using a single binding operation.

Pushing back the frontiers of the (im)possible 
Hexspoor loves to be included in the design process at an early stage and can contribute ideas towards the binding methods to suit our customers’ wishes. Each book becomes, if you wish, a veritable work of art.

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